Dap Ga


Dap’ga could be translated “combinations”.  It is interwoven throughout every aspect of this art.  Basically it is how the individual strikes, blocks and motions fit together into the whole art in their proper order. This particular element in Kung fu San Soo is what sets this art apart from all other systems.  It gives the practitioners a true freedom within the art to creatively express themselves and enables them to develop an individual personality within the confines of the whole system.  The most important thing to consider here is in maintaining the integrity of the art as to not allow the effectiveness to be compromised.  Kung Fu San So is a language system.  Not unlike English, Hebrew or Greek.  It has an alphabet which are the individual kicks, strikes, blocks, stances etc.  As in any language, you must take the alphabet and put it together in an order that makes sense.  You create words, phrases, sentences and ultimately ending with a story that has been told.  The grammar in San Soo training is found within the forms and fighting lessons.  These sequences are the building blocks by which we can understand the language. The key to using any language is that you must remain within the language itself to maintain order. You cannot add words from German or French to the English language and expect English to be understandable.  Just as you cannot change the rules of grammar expecting to maintain a system that will continue to communicate to others the messages you wish to send.  It will make no sense to anyone.  The foundation for the original language will be lost to those receiving the new information..  Only those who have kept the language pure will understand the differences..  Anyone who knows the original language will clearly see the problems and inconsistencies.  Therefore, if we add portions of other martial arts or change the prescribed grammar within this art, we will weaken the foundational structure.  This will confuse the practitioner in how to use this art freely while robbing them of how it was designed to be used in it’s original structure.  San Soo has a unique flow of patterns and motions that are an important aspect of how this grammatical structure holds together.  Without that structure, the foundation collapses.  We need to have these absolutes within San Soo in order to keep it San Soo.

Once this understanding is lost and no one knows how it was originally constructed, then no one can come back to what once was.


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