Fut Ga


This is the philosophical base of Kung Fu San Soo.  It could be thought of as “confidence”.  But that would not be strong enough.  Another way of looking at it is that you “just do it”.  Perhaps this illustration will assist in defining this concept.  Suppose you were in a room with someone.  You looked down and saw your glass of water on the table next to you as you were carrying on a conversation with this person.  You picked up the glass, took a drink and set it down again.  Just as you have done many times before in other situations.  You continued with your conversation and didn’t even have a conscious thought of the process of picking up the glass, drinking the water and setting it back down.  You saw the water, received it, and moved on.  You did not worry or become distracted by the concept of drinking the water, you just grabbed it.  There was a determination within you to accomplish the task and the “confidence” to perform it.  The reason this is possible is because you have done this task many times before.  It has become part of you and now you “just do it”.  In this way, when we train in Kung Fu San Soo, the motions of the art and the responses we experience to our being attacked become part of us.  This only comes through practice which leads to what is called a “proven performance”. Not only can you perform, but now it is natural to do so.


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