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Our mission is to document the art. We have hundreds and hundreds of hours of detailed Kung Fu San Soo instruction filmed. We painstakingly edit these lessons and produce easy to follow DVDs, teaching the techniques, variations, principles, different entrances and exits, applications from front or back or sides, as well as detailed training in weapons and forms.

No where else will you find such an extensive collection of San Soo DVD instruction. Whether you are a beginner or at instructors level, you will learn a tremendous amount by having your own Real Kung Fu San Soo DVDs. You can buy each disk for $29 or get 2 each month for $39, or buy them in sets at a 25% discount.

Have Them Immediately. We also offer Downloadable MP4 Files for only $15 or get 2 each month for only $19 total, or buy them in sets at a 25% discount just like the DVD sets, except you can have them right away.

Click here to see descriptions, previews, and to purchase DVDs and/or MP4s.

Group Lessons Held Every Tuesday, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Your First Week is FREE

Drop by for a visit. No obligation. Each class covers stances, warm ups, forms, techniques, and "working out" (using the techniques in a very controlled and safe manner at half speed). We are located at: 215 Haggerty Lane, Bozeman, MT.

Click here for a map and directions.

Private Lessons Also Available with Master Mark Colby

Close, personalized, one on one instruction in basic self defense, women's self defense, or children's self defense

One on one advanced level training for the San Soo Instructor or Black Belt desiring to grow in the understanding of forms, weapons and the relationship between motion and fighting.

We recommend private lessons that include two students at a time in a class. This is beneficial to personal growth and can be effective in practical training.

Call or email Mark Colby to set up an appointment

(406) 404-4146


Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo is an ancient Chinese Martial Art, Originally called Tsoi Li Ho Fut, in China. One translation of the name Kung Fu San Soo would be "The Practical Art of Fighting”. It has also been called "The Thinking Man's Art". It is one of the most effective and comprehensive martial arts training system to ever exist. Motions used in the art are based on the dynamics and design of the human anatomy. This makes the art flow naturally yet can cause devastating effects. Even a smaller or weaker person can control a much larger, stronger opponent, because the effectiveness is in the proper execution of the techniques and principles and not in strength and power.

Kung Fu San Soo is not simply a system of self defense techniques. The new student quickly learns how to defend himself then he learns how to use the art to it's fullest. It's like learning a language. First you learn a few important words, how to communicate on a simple level but then the more words you learn and the more language rules you learn, you find you can easily express yourself creatively and without a second's thought.

Therefore we don't place emphasis exclusively on memorizing every fighting technique.  But rather on training both the body and mind to move naturally and effectively based on the correct use of motion and angles. This provides us with the well structured dynamics needed for optimum energy flow and increased power in technique.  Training to naturally respond to an oncoming attack enables us to gain the skill and confidence necessary to effectively protect ourselves and the lives of others when encountering a dangerous situation.

One very important aspect of Kung Fu San Soo is that through our combative training, we soon come to understand just how easy it is to take human life.  Human beings naturally do not want to take human life, but will do so if necessary in order to preserve other human life. As in firearms self defense training, Kung Fu San Soo training is to be taken extremely seriously.  Since San Soo is not a sport, we do not train to fight in competition or sparring matches.  Therefore ALL fighting ANYWHERE is viewed as serious.

Personal responsibility and a concern for the well being of your fellow man is critical.  With the understanding of these realities, students will also grow in the area of human dignity and respect for human life.

Kung Fu San Soo is instrumental in the building of character and in respect for all human life.

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