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The art of Kung Fu San Soo was developed over many hundreds of years.  It  is comprised of “Five Families” using concepts and qualities uniquely individual to each family.  When combined together they compliment each other to create an effective system of self defense.  The powerful dynamics created through the proper use of motion, along with the specific contributions from each family,  transform all the individual concepts into an extremely practical and versatile martial art.  Therefore, the art of Kung Fu San Soo is never just one or two of these families isolated, but all five working together.  They cannot be separated without compromising the integrity of the entire system.


The specific or proper name of this art is “Tsoi Li Ho Fut”.  In China, many centuries ago, there were three original families that contributed information from their systems in order to create this art.  They built a monastery and developed a combined defense system.  These families are Tsoi, Li and Ho.  Fut was the philosophical or religious base and originally  made reference to Buddha.  The Hung family was added later in order to increase power, physical conditioning and dynamics.


A Brief Description of the Five Families

Tsoi – Ga


This family of San Soo emphasizes the art of striking.  Tsoi-Ga includes punching, open hand chops, elbows, kicks, knees and so on.  Mainly utilizing powerful or hard blows designed to injure the opponent through the force of impact.


Li – Ga

The Li family concentrates on the proper use of leverage.  This concept is applied in many ways throughout Kung Fu San Soo.  One principle is the removal and manipulation of your opponent’s balance as well as replacement of his center of balance with your own.  Another use of this principle is the utilizing of your line of strength against your opponent’s line of weakness.  Throws, joint lock holds, takedowns and pushing can be accomplished on a larger opponent by a smaller person when applying these principles.

Hoi – Ga

The Ho family is concerned with the accuracy and methods used in delivering effective attacks to vulnerable locations of the human anatomy.  Pressure points, nerve points, muscle and internal organs are targets considered.  The idea is to disable the opponent quickly and with the least amount of strength and effort used as possible.  It requires much less energy to inflict pain and injury to someone if this is properly used.

Fut – Ga

The Fut family of San Soo is the philosophical base of Kung Fu San Soo.  It is the relationship of the mind in unity with the body.  This can be strengthened by training in kung fu with an offensive, deliberate and assertive attitude as you  prepare to encounter an aggressor.  This will build your confidence which may enable you to end a conflict on a verbal level before it becomes physical.  That is true victory in conflict.  Your confidence will be apparent when you stand firmly in your position.  With consistent training, you will begin to prove to yourself, through performance, that what you have practiced will work on the day you need to defend yourself.  This is a “proven performance” and true confidence only comes through knowing that you can do it.

Hung – Ga

The last family of San Soo emphasizes dynamic power through proper use of body motion.  Hung-Ga is the utilizing of body rotation, shifting of weight and generating power through pivoting and flailing motions. Physical conditioning is part of this training.  Exercise forms are an excellent  way of training in body dynamics.  Forms increase flexibility, circulation and overall physical fitness.  Also dynamic tension can be done in forms or individual exercises.  This strengthens the muscle tissue associated with the motions used in Kung Fu San Soo. 


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