About the School

Our Kung Fu San Soo school is located at: 215 Haggerty Lane, Bozeman , Montana. We are in downtown Bozeman just a half block south of Main St. and 1 block east of Highland.

Classes are on Tuesday nights from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. All classes are structured in order to give each student the most individual instruction possible. Our focus is to give personalized attention to each student and to effectively assist in the individual growth of each student as they progress in the understanding of the fundamental principles of Kung Fu San Soo.

We are currently offering 1 week of free lessons, so you can try us out before making any kind of a commitment.

Call Mark Colby at (406) 404-4146 to take advantage of this free offer or just drop by and meet with Master Colby.

Beginning classes are available in order to provide new students with the concepts needed to build a strong foundation in the understanding of the principles that will be used continuously as they further their study of Kung Fu San Soo.

Advanced classes are also available for those students who are continuing in the various areas of the art which include the higher levels of strategies used within combative lessons and also in the use of weapons forms.

Students learn the concepts of balance and proper use of the body in relationship to the many natural ranges of motion. Increased flexibility, coordination and circulation are also some of the health benefits. The most important aspect of this training will be the increased confidence the student will gain through learning how easy it can be to effectively defend yourself when presented with a potentially dangerous situation. This art was designed with the idea of "real life" situations where an aggressor is assaulting you or a loved one. Therefore, its movements are very practical and easily applied by any person ranging from the very petite to someone of much larger size.

We study forms with hands and weapons, attack (Fut'Ga) and defense (Dap'Ga) lessons. We occasionally take time to go through sets in the proper use of the staff and police baton, as well as defense against various knife attacks. Usually I will show one or two lessens out of the San Soo books, looking at several options for the use of different levels of force desired. From combinations of strikes, to a leverage, throw or a simple takedown. In the execution of each lesson I stress the importance of contact on specific target points and accuracy in every strike. Each night we use a different base lesson, (basing it out) into many options, which relate to the specific pattern of motion being used. Typically we spend three to four months working on a form. One or two weapons of choice are taught after perfecting the hand form.

This is an ongoing curriculum and includes over twenty years of information. If you continue, you will not see many repeated lessons for many years to come. In this way, one never has to stop growing within the art. There is always something new being presented.

Safety has and will always be most important in my class. We all have families and jobs to go home to after a workout. The idea is to safely learn how to injure a real life attacker and to preserve our own lives. Therefore, we train slowly and with precision, in order to instill accuracy in technique as well as to protect other students from injury during workouts.

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