About the Instructor - Master Mark Colby

Kung Fu San Soo is the most complete and systematic art that I have seen in all my martial arts experience.  The use of intersecting triangles and circles give it a very strong base.  It's practical use of the body allows this art to be powerfully used and adapted by anyone. 

I began studying San Soo in August of 1985 under Master Carl Lorenzen at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, Ca.  Carl Lorenzen transcribed the five Kung Fu San Soo instructor’s manuals that are used by Kung Fu San Soo as the standard for the perpetuation of this art.  These books include many forms as well as offensive and defensive combative techniques.

 From the first day I entered the world of San Soo, I was fascinated by how practical and effective the fighting techniques seemed to be compared to other arts I had seen.  As my studies continued, I learned how the motions in the forms were directly related to the patterns in the fighting techniques.  It was apparent to me that these moves were not just put together randomly.  Rather a well thought out system of motion designed by monks over hundreds of years, who seemed to have an excellent understanding of physiology.  From the day I began to study San Soo until now, I believe that there is no reason to look to any other art to complete it or add anything lacking.  If you look closely enough, San Soo has It's own way of dealing with any situation.

Carl invited me to train in his garage.  I also continued to study with Carl at Saddleback College until early 1996 when he retired from the Orange County Sheriff's Department. I have continued to study with Carl over the years in a more private setting.

One thing that I have discovered is that you never stop being a student.   From white belt all the way through master.  San Soo can be an endless, life long journey with ever changing combinations of moves.  One can grow from the 4 to 6 move lesson sequences to a blending of moves together based on principle of motion.       

This gives you freedom to use the art according to your situation at hand. 

I began instructing classes at my home in 1990 as a brown belt.  I found that I was challenged to learn more details about each lesson as I taught them to others.  I was also an assistant instructor under Carl Lorenzen at Saddleback College from 1990-1996.  At Carl's retirement in 1996, Scott Pemberton took over Carl's class at the college.  I assisted Scott's classes on Tuesday nights at Saddleback College from 1996 until 2004.  I also instructed sessions on Thursday nights in a private setting studying San Soo with a smaller group of students.

In May of 1992 I was awarded the level of Black belt.  In May of 2003 I was awarded the level of Master by Carl L. Lorenzen.

From January 2005 through August of 2008, I instructed classes at Faith Community Church in Irvine, Ca. In January of 2005 we began to film and document on video, the art of Kung Fu San Soo using a very systematic approach. This project began with the desire to present and to preserve the art as I have received it.  This project is still continuing to this day and I plan to continue this project until all the written material I possess within the art has been documented. Click here to see our DVDs and click here to see samples on our YouTube channel.

Our Kung Fu San Soo school is located at: 215 Haggerty Lane, Bozeman , Montana. We are in downtown Bozeman just a half block south of Main St. and 1 block east of Highland.

Classes are on Tuesday nights from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. All classes are structured in order to give each student the most individual instruction possible. Our focus is to give personalized attention to each student and to effectively assist in the individual growth of each student as they progress in the understanding of the fundamental principles of Kung Fu San Soo.

We are currently offering 1 week of free lessons, so you can try us out before making any kind of a commitment.

Call Mark Colby at (406) 404-4146 to take advantage of this free offer or just drop by and meet with Master Colby.

If you have any questions,

contact me by email: mcolby@realkungfusansoo.com

or by phone: (406) 404-4146

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